Mr. Peanut was born in 1916 and is perhaps the world’s most famous nut.

Mr. Peanut is touring the country and his NUTMobile will be hard to miss when it pulls up to the Westchase District Farmers Market on February 25.

Mr. Peanut has been the official personality and international image for Planters since 1916. In a nutshell, he has had vehicles worthy of attention dating back to 1935. In 1999, Mr. Peanut drove a Hot Rod, a 25-foot-long peanut-shaped vehicle that made appearances at NASCAR races. He introduced a new ride when the Planters NUTmobile debuted in 2002 at the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade.

Since then, Mr. Peanut’s fleet has expanded to three vehicles, 26-foot long fiberglass peanuts on wheels that feature smart technology, GPS navigational systems and a customized interior. Each of the NUTmobiles travels around the country and the

Farmers Market is a tour stop for a team traveling in the Southeast/Southwest region. Farmers market manager John Carey is ecstatic about the NUTmobile coming to the market. “Peanuts are actually legumes and that means they are actually vegetables,” said Carey.

The NUTMobile will offer market goers honey roasted peanuts, salted peanuts, cashews, and Mr. Peanut Stickers (for free!). Perhaps the world’s most famous nut, Mr. Peanut himself is planned to make an appearance.