Imperial Candle Co. says these scents will set a mood for a romantic snuggle.

You can find something at the Farmers Market for just about any holiday. Next up is Valentine’s Day which falls on Sunday, February 14 this year.

Shop the market and you’ll find treats for your sweetheart and ample ingredients to prepare a special dinner for two. In addition to these gift ideas, we suggest candles. After all, candles help set mood and ambiance for romance whenever lit. Imperial Candle Co. and Ziba Candles are two vendors who have a love for making candles.

If you are shopping the market on Thursday , Feb. 11, their candles go perfect with flowers and chocolates. Imperial Candle Co. makes locally poured luminous soy candles through enticing aromas using natural made ingredients and no dyes.  Ziba Candles are made with 100 percent natural soy wax and the best fragrance oils. Its candles have 100 percent natural cotton fiber wicks that burn clean.

The names of these candles say it all. That’s why Valentine’s Day is cherished by lovers.

These candles will leave an impression for endless love. The beauty of candles is that there are always many occasions in which to relish their glow.

Read Ziba’s helpful tips in taking care of your candle so you can enjoy beyond Valentine’s Day:

Never leave a candle unattended. Don’t let a candle burn in an unattended room, or a room with unsupervised children or pets, even for a few minutes.

Let it burn. Candles were meant for burning and the first time you light it, it needs to burn for at least an hour, but a little longer is good too. This will allow the candle to fully melt across the width of the top of the candle. It levels the wax and helps ensure an even burn next time you light it.

Keep it trimmed. A wick’s purpose is to allow melted wax to draw up the wick and burn. But the wick itself isn’t supposed to burn. It’s just there for the wax. When the wick gets too long it can’t properly draw the wax up the wick and the wick itself starts burning which can sometimes cause black soot. Always keep the wick trimmed to about 6 mm.

Candles sweat. Soy wax melts at a much lower temperature than their second cousin, paraffin wax. While they burn longer, they do melt quicker. Don’t leave them in a warm window and don’t ever leave in a hot car during the summer. Move your candles to a cool place insider where they can rest, and you will be fine.

Put a lid on it. While many blow out a candle, the best way to extinguish is to quickly put the lid on the candle.

You got your money’s worth. Don’t burn a candle all the way to the bottom. Always leave 5 to 10 mm of wax at the bottom of the candle. When the candle burns all the way to the bottom, the bottom of the glass or metal gets very hot. This can damage whatever a candle is sitting on.

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