I am not a doctor, nor do I play one on TV.

As we start a new year, it is traditional that we reflect on the past year and set goals for the upcoming one. I want to be a better person (you know what I mean – go to church more, exercise more, lose weight, try not to correct my loved ones every day, be a contributor at work, save some money – goals that are spiritual, physical, relational, professional, financial, familial, etc.).

I am going to use this format to help educate and entertain you on the many aspects of being a better person. But my intention is purely a selfish one. Do you know this guy, Mr. Do as I Say and Not as I Do?

For the past handful of decades, I have been that guy.

My exercise was to choose between 12oz or 16oz curls.

To get enough water each day, I added some more ice cubes in my mixed drinks.

However, my diet did consist of a lot of seafood. If I saw food, I ate it.

I do not want this to be my self-imposed intervention, but I do feel compelled to enter a journey for better health. Along with the start of the New Year – the reflections, the soul searching, the goal setting – it is also my birthday. Although I am not in denial, dare I say, I may be mortal.

To get my super powers and extend my mortality, I believe my super power will be fueled by the things our GROWERS, PRODUCERS, RANCHERS and ARTISANS at the farmers markets can give me.

Local, seasonal leafy greens, fruits and vegetables. Lean meats and proteins. Olive oils. Local honey. Good grains, herbs and sprouts. Personal health products. Non-toxic cleaners. Healthy granola and snacks.

I want to use the bounty of our producers to live in our FARMACY and not have to go to a PHARMACY. Each week I will give you a snippet or two of things I’ve found of interest that hopefully will be beneficial in our journey. Perhaps we will have a new recipe for you to try. This way, not only can you do as I say, but also do as I do.

I encourage you to hold me accountable, and participate in our journey of better health. And together we can be part of a “farm-tastic” year.

John Carey, Westchase District Farmers Market Manager