Julia Puig Jordan with Sno Cone MachineA consistent presence at Westchase District Farmers Market since 2014, Julia Puig Jordan has delighted customers with her authentic European pastries, jams and salad dressings. “My blueberry streusel and German melting cookies are my most popular pastries,” she said. “While berry medley and peach brandy are my top selling flavors of jam. The dressings can be used to marinate chicken or dress up rice as well.”

Is all part of Jordan’s entrepreneurial spirit. A native of Germany, Jordan purchased and ran a small hotel and café on Timmendorfer Strand near the Baltic Coast. She came to America three years ago and decided to start yet another business doing what she loves most: baking.

While selling recently at the Tomball German Festival, Jordan was inspired to try yet another venture. “There was a sno cone vendor there. He was quiet and hardly spoke to his customers, but they all knew his product and wanted it. I didn’t grow up with sno cones in Germany, but I knew this man was onto something.”

So Jordan and her husband invested in a sno cone machine and began learning what it takes to make a cool refreshment during the hot summer months. “At first the ice was still too chunky when we crushed it, but we’ve adjusted the machine to make it snowier,” she said.

Though customers can pump a variety of flavors themselves on the sno cones, Jordan also offers a selection of homemade syrups (apple, cherry, ginger-lemon, lemonade, pineapple and pink lemonade). “It’s a choice for people who want their sno cones sweetened with real sugar rather than high fructose corn syrup,” she said.

So what’s next for the German hotelier turned multi-product farmers market vendor? “I have no idea,” she said, “but I think I’m just too creative for one lifespan.”