(These were the most peaches anyone saw under the South Star of Texas tent at last week’s Westchase District Farmers Market. Nicholas Hybert couldn’t keep the table filled with his sweet and juicy inventory of pure peach pleasure. Peach season won’t last forever, so make sure you come out this Thursday to purchase some fabulous fruit from Fredericksburg!)

Although a bright red blush gives a peach its attractive appearance, it is the progression of the background color from green to cream or yellow that is the best indication of a ripe, flavorful peach.

A firm-ripe peach, which gives only slightly when gently squeezed, is best for canning, freezing or storing without bruising.

A soft-ripe peach is excellent for eating immediately, and making ice cream or jam.

Peaches can be held at room temperature until soft enough to eat, and then refrigerated for up to two weeks.

Three to four medium sized peaches equal a pound.

One bushel of fresh peaches equals 48 pounds and will yield 18-24 quarts if you are canning or freezing.

Growers today most frequently sell their peaches in 1/2 bushel or smaller containers.