Westchase District Farmers Market manager John Carey holds a check from Capital Farm Credit, a $1,000 grant that was secured by the Westchase District Community Fund.

Great things are happening at the Westchase District Farmers Market. We’ve been seeing a steady increase in market-goers as people feel safer about getting out and more businesses reopen. Thanks to our vendors’ commitment and observance of CDC safety guidelines, we continued to operate during the crisis. Since February, the market closed only once which was due to severe weather. Crowds are coming to support us while buying the freshest local produce and picking up authentic items for loved ones.

Capital Farm Credit Gives A Boost

Extraordinary vendors and partnerships along with the community we serve are what make our Farmers Market flourish. The Westchase District Community Fund was successful in recently securing a $1,000 grant for the Farmers Market from Capital Farm Credit to benefit the Farmers Market! We are very grateful to Capital Farm Credit and WDCF for their support!

Peaches from the Hill Country arrived at the Farmers Market in mid May and everyone’s thrilled. As you know, peaches are only available for a short season so we want you to get them, as they say, ‘while the gettin’s good.’ We have peaches ahead of peak season which comes in July and August. After September, when the weather cools, peaches won’t see a return until next spring.

A terrific slate of new vendors joined our market while beloved favorites rejoined the scene.

Swaggr performance socks prove that plastic bottles can be worn.

New Vendors Welcomed

Inconceivable Coffee Roasters used the market to help launch its brand and experienced caterer Avila Flavors & Experiences turned to the market to sell their popular, ready-to-eat empanadas after corporate events shut down.

Have you worn socks that are good for the planet? If so, your feet definitely have Swaggr, a company that makes performance athletic socks from recycled plastic bottles. Lakonia Imports also found a home with us to sell its fine Greek olive oils.

Little did Clint Underwood know that an international pandemic would strike right as he was launching his coffee brand. Fortunately, his coffee built a following at the Farmers Market.

And, one thing that is always in season here is salsa where you’ll find bold, robust varieties from our vendors. New to the scene but no stranger to salsa and sauce loving connoisseurs is Chilesquiles. Adding to a festive feeling in the air with aroma reminiscent of a carnival is Mondaze Mini Donuts.

Peruvian-designed neck wear from One, Two, Three, ETC.

Beloved Vendors Return, Favorites Serve Community
Traveling to Peru would be on anyone’s bucket list. One, Two, Three, Etc. brings the country’s crafts and jewelry to you. More treats for people we love from independent jewelry crafted by Earth Friendly Designs who returned with its dazzling array of items.

Sho Sho Good is what they say about ShoSho’s Kitchen while Float-A-Away‘s essential oils will lift you off your feet.

No more searching for ways to spice up your cooking life. The dinner doctor prescribes Unc B’s seasonings. All that seasoning from Unc B’s needs meats to flavor. Erbe Ranch dealt with a brief beef shortage by bringing chicken, pork, goat cheese, pasta and shrimp.

PEAS Farm, Pure Texas Honey, Chow Hound Raw Dog Food & Treats, The Bark BBQ, Houston Winery, Best of the Best, Biryani Hut, Tamales Mama Belen, Great Harvey Bread Company and Ma-Mere’s Maison Specialty Foods were more than essential to keep the market rolling with fantastic produce, food and beverage.

Rad about you: PEAS Farm’s radishes.

There’s much more to highlight but the best way to reap our bounty is by joining us every Thursday. We’ve all made enormous adjustments and need a place like what we provide every week. Discovering something fresh, local and authentic while supporting our vendors presents us with a valley of enrichment that is appreciated now more than ever.

You’re here for us and we’re here for you!