Founder Anastasia Taggart taps her health and wellness experience to shape Zo-Zo’s products.

Zo-Zo Fresh was born out of a shared passion for food and a desire for health and wellness. Founded by Anastasia and Trevor Taggart, a husband and wife team based in The Woodlands, Zo-Zo Fresh recently joined the Farmers Market, adding Thursday to its Houston area market circuit. The Taggarts are the ultimate tourists of the world, having found each other while traveling in Southeast Asia. They have a 12-year-old daughter, Zoe, whose infectious zest for life inspired the name of their new venture.

You’ll find Anastasia, a native of Germany, greeting customers at the market. She worked in the hospitality and restaurant industries for many years where she launched restaurants from the ground up, as well as overhauled existing ones to help those businesses succeed in a fast paced and ever changing industry. She credits this experience for giving her the drive to pursue her passion. A certified personal trainer and health and wellness expert, Anastasia also spent many years working in the fitness industry.

“Our juices are made fresh daily to ensure the highest concentration of enzymes and nutrients which our bodies lose on a daily basis,” she said. “Each ingredient is juiced separately and then combined together to create bold taste which sets us apart from our competition.”

Zo-Zo Fresh juices are packed with a high concentration of enzymes and nutrients to replenish what the body loses.