Two vendors have purchased a cotton candy machine and now offer five flavors of “fairy floss” (as it’s known in Australia) at the weekly Westchase District Farmers Market.

The entrepreneurial spirit shared between Karen Trekell and Mark Mayers led the pair to team up on a new product to boost their weekly sales.

Trekell brings her line of all-natural soaps, deodorants and lip balms to the market each week under the “Lather Me Up” brand. Under the tent next to hers, Mayers sells his one-of-a-kind jewlery via Earth Friendly Designs.

The product is made fresh on-site. They sell one flavor on a paper cone for $3 or three flavors in a bag for $5. Their first few outings proved cotton candy to be as popular at the farmers market as it is at the county fair. So they’ll be bringing spun sugar back to future markets.

“We appreciate the dedication of our vendors in participating in the market each week,” said market manager John Carey. “I admire the entrepreneurial spirit that brought Mark and Karen together in this new venture. And we’re delighted to have a new concessionaire at the market.”