National Farmers Market Week begins on Aug. 2. Given the role farmers markets have played during the pandemic, it’s fitting that this year’s theme is resilience. The Farmers Market Coalition is helping raise awareness across the country of the vital role farmers markets play during a crisis and in everyday living.

Operating without closure since the outbreak and shutdowns in March, the Westchase District Farmers Market and its dedicated vendors are the epitome of resilience.

In honor of our farmers market and National Farmers Market Week, here are four reasons among dozens to celebrate:

  1. Farmers markets are essential because they continue to connect communities to delicious and nutritious local food in innovative ways. Market operators are adaptable and innovative to serve communities in unique ways that keep everyone safe. Farmers markets are an essential part of our strained food system.
  2. Unlike groceries from large grocers, Westchase District Farmers Market products go through just a few hands-the farmers and yours-before filling your bag and reaching your plate.
  3. Farmers markets are a great place to shop for food for your whole family.
  4. Farmers markets are for the community. That’s why our market immediately implemented CDC Guidelines in response to the pandemic.

Here are several hashtags to share your story about what the farmers market means to you: #lovemymarket #farmersmarketsareessential #farmersmarketweek