Daylight saving time for 2016 began March 13, adding an hour of sunlight to our day and an extra hour for shopping at the market until 7 p.m.. We asked three of our Westchase District Farmers Market vendors: What does that extra hour means for you?

“Our plants grow more since they have more sunlight, which makes for a larger harvest, which means more work for us harvesting…not that we mind. Also our sales increase for the “You Pick” strawberries on our farm in Conroe.”

Ashley D'Agrella

Ashley D’Agrella, PEAS Farm, Conroe, TX

“It just means one less hour I’m working in the dark! The goats don’t care what time it is. Because of the extra light, my duck eggs have increased in production, though.”

Dennis Hammond

Dennis Hammond, Hammond Farms, New Caney, TX

“We’ll often grind feed for 30 minutes at the end of the day before dark, so my family eats dinner later and we watch less TV. With the farmers market running now until 7 p.m., it makes for a 7 a.m. to 10 p.m.  long-day.”

Patricia Tieken

Patricia Tieken, Shiner Pork, Shiner, TX