Clockwise from left: jams and jelly from ABJ Farms, mini pies and cakes from Uptown Bakes, fine oils and gift boxes from Lakonia Imports, and agave syrup from Dr. Lucy’s Optimum Wellness Lifestyle Club, all make special gifts for mom.

Mother’s Day is this Sunday, May 9. The farmers market has everything you need to get creative with a gift for mom. Give mom a break from the kitchen by treating her to something special. After all, she taught you all of her recipes, including her cooking techniques in the kitchen. So now it’s time for you to return the favor with a specially prepared meal.

The market has all of the ingredients you need — from PEAS Farms’ fresh produce to spices, sauces, grass-fed beef and chicken from Erbe Ranch, to fun spirits like wine from Houston Winery. Sweet treats as sweet as mom make a great add-on to flowers and a card. Fill her gift basket with cupcakes and baked goods from exquisite pastry chefs who also cater delicious fare. My Lola Bakery, JJ Sweets Delights and Uptown Bakes will more than satisfy any of mom’s and the family’s dessert cravings. Is mom into the finest oils and honey? Having Lakonia Imports and Pure Texas Honey products in the kitchen cabinet or on the counter place more high quality ingredients at her finger tips.