All this clean living can be quite confusing….

Is it 10,000 steps and 8 glasses of water or is it 8,000 steps and 10 glasses of water? How big should the glass be anyway – should they be eight ounces, 10 ounces or 16 ounces? And is resistance training on the third Tuesday of the month? Dare I say, might clean living even become stressful?

So how do we often end up dealing with stress? Binge eating? Binge drinking? Binge watching on Netflix? These can be self-sabotaging habits that only keep us from our wellness goals.

A certain wellness coach emphasizes that my multi-vitamins and anti-oxidants will enhance my wellbeing and reduce stress.

My original goal on this journey was to use as much of the bounty from the farmers market to enhance my health. With that in mind:

I encourage you to participate in our journey of better health. Together, we can be part of a “farm-tastic” year. Uh oh, got to go – my FitBit just told me to get in some more steps!

John Carey, Westchase District Farmers Market Manager