Pick up plenty of bread by the loaf and wheat snacks as buyers empty grocery shelves.

As of now, the Westchase District Farmers Market is continuing to operate as planned. Coming to the Farmers Market helps support small business and is an alternative way to get food while supporting vendors. As an open air market, the farmers market is currently one of the safest ways to get food as over-buying has affected grocery store supplies.

We are following CDC guidelines and have revised our procedures accordingly. Our vendors are taking precautionary measures to minimize health risks to themselves and customers by observing strict food safety practices to provide a safe environment to buy food items.

Hortiprocess sells Colombian coffee at the Farmers Market. And, nothing soothes the soul like a sip of java richness.

Changes include:

  1. Booths are maintaining a distance of six feet apart.
  2. Hand sanitizer is available at each booth.
  3. No samples
  4. No touching any food. You point and the vendors will bag it up for you.
  5. Please do not come if you are sick or feel like you might be getting sick.
  6. We will also have entrance and exit procedures so that the market does not exceed ordered capacity limits.

As nightclub and bar closures add farther distance to social distancing, these bottles of Houston Winery’s flavored wines can be enjoyed while you shelter in place.

Please support our vendors during this difficult time as our nation responds to unprecedented circumstances.