Meyer Lemon Jelly from ABJ Farms in Lexington.


Coming up on Friday, Feb. 14th, Valentine’s Day celebrates love and romance. Forgetting a gift on Valentine’s Day will put you in the doghouse quicker than counting half a dozen roses. Our Farmers Market gift ideas offer plentiful ways to charm your significant other. Chocolate is the sweet of choice. That’s why PEAS Farm is rolling out its beloved chocolate covered strawberries. Fresh, succulent and what every heart desires.

Shosho’s Cinnamon Roasted Pecans.

Show more love with Shosho’s Kitchen’s cinnamon roasted pecans and Peruvian jewelry by One, Two, Three, Etc.

Hand-made earrings from Peru – One, Two, Three, Etc

Pick up some honey for your ‘honey’ at Pure Texas Honey.

No relationship will ever sour when there’s a jar of  Meyer Lemon jelly on the table from Ma-Mere’s Maison Specialty Foods from ABJ Farms.

Feed your heart nutrients with the aromatic flavor of microgreens from
Vida Verde Microgreens. Not to be missed, the pets that we love always crave Chow Hound’s treats. Perk up your love life with rich Colombian Coffee from HortiProcess Coffee Roasters. So, stop by on February 13th to avoid being empty handed the next day.

Top a Valentine’s night dinner salad or any dish with Vida Verde’s microgreens.

Have You’ve Got That ‘Giggly’ Feeling?

Giggles is new from Houston Winery.

If our V-Day suggestions don’t give you back that Giggly feeling, then we have the drink for you. Houston Winery has bottled a good chuckle with the 2019 winter holiday release of Giggles just added to its flavored wine list. The wine’s name came easy to Heights-based Houston Winery, a micro winery making fine Texas wines and long-time Farmers Market vendor. According to beverage analysts, flavored wines have become more popular, fun to drink and entice more non wine drinkers to try wines.

Vintner Jon Burger, co-owner of Houston Winery, used a concoction of red cheraw and white grapes blended with cranberries to formulate Giggles and its desired effect. “People laugh when they see it and laugh when they taste it,” said Burger.