About Westchase District Farmers Market

Westchase District Farmers Market features high quality, locally-grown seasonal fresh foods and provides a vibrant community gathering place for the Westchase community.

Vendors sell agricultural products, including beef, eggs, produce, and honey. The market also features value-added products such as locally-made jams and jellies, honey, specialty soaps, artisan breads and olive oils.

The Westchase District Farmers Market has been in existence since 2013, when it was created with the help of a $65,000 grant from the United States Department of Agriculture’s Farmers Market Promotion Program (FMPP). The FMPP supports efforts to improve and expand domestic farmers markets and other community-supported agriculture programs.

Work-friendly hours accommodate 8-to-5 employees, carpool parents and residents living nearby who want locally grown produce.


The mission of the Westchase District Farmers market includes:

  • to provide the citizens of west Houston with access to high quality, locally-grown, seasonal fresh foods
  • to provide a vibrant community gathering place for the Westchase community
  • to encourage local food production in southeast Texas by providing agricultural producers an attractive marketing venue
  • to promote an appreciative relationship between food producers and food consumers and to educate consumers about the issues involved in local agriculture and food production
  • to educate the community about the nutritional, health and culinary benefits of consuming high-quality, locally-grown and seasonal fresh foods and to encourage home cooking and family meals


St. Cyril of Alexandria Catholic Church
10503 Westheimer Road (at Rogerdale Road)
Houston, TX 77042

Free surface parking is available at church lot.

The market is ccessible from METRO Bus Route 82 (Westheimer/West Oaks).

For more information about the Westchase District Farmers Market, please visit our website by pointing your cell phone camera at the QR Code image on the left or navigating directly to westchasedistrictfarmersmarket.com.