Come Experiment with Mad Scientist Kombucha

New tea vendor mixes science with sweet flavors

Heather Williams Kombucha Tea

As a frequent customer to Houston farmers markets, molecular biologist Heather Williams fell in love with kombucha, a probiotic tea brewed with a culture of bacteria and yeast useful to the human body.  “It’s a functional beverage,” she said. “In many cultures kombucha is used to treat or aid in healing. Think of it like apple cider vinegar but much tastier.”


Combining her loves of science and cooking, Williams began brewing the beverage at home, sharing with friends and family. “It’s not incredibly difficult to make, but it is time consuming and there is an art to it,” she said. Eventually growing into a home business, she founded Mad Scientist Kombucha with business partner John Van Tassell. “Westchase District is our first farmers market to sell at and we’re excited about reaching new customers with our teas,” Van Tassell said.


Williams offers the teas in blueberry and strawberry limeade flavors and gives a $4.00 discount to customers who clean and return their bottles upon repeat visits. “It reduces customers’ cost by just a bit, but it reduces waste by a lot,” she said.


You can learn more about Williams’ products at facebook.com/madscientistkombucha.