Dat Jerky Offers Meaty Treats

Offering three kinds of meat and ten different flavors, the Bryant family is conquering the jerky business one farmers market at a time.

Mom Brandi Bryant says the business started at home when her husband began making jerky. She jumped in to help and they started selling it to friends and family. “It just blew up,” Bryant said, “Now this is what I do full time.”

They have ten flavors of turkey, beef and pork jerky flavored with crushed red pepper, pepper, Cajun seasonings and teriyaki spices. Number eleven will be a pork habanero jerky, made with peppers she buys from a farmers market vendor. “People were asking for something hotter,” she said.

All of the product is made in a commercial kitchen they built at their home in Dayton, Texas. “It’s definitely a family business,” Bryant said. Her husband and three sons all participate in the jerky making business. Brandi works the markets and the boys join her when they’re not in school.

“This is our busy season,” said Bryant. “People want jerky more in the fall and winter than they do in the summer.”

Need a teacher gift that will turn a B-plus into an A-minus? Bryant says her sons put the jerky in special holiday packaging and give it to their teachers along with a note that says, “Thanks for beefing up my education.”