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Latin Fusion Gourmet: Engineering a Quality Product

Sometimes a good dinner party can change your life. “I received lots of compliments from friends and neighbors about my empanadas and other cooking,” said Andrea Gomez, owner of Latin Fusion Gourmet. “With their encouragement, I decided to go all in and start my own business.” Gomez, a Venezuelan native who has lived in the […]


Dat Jerky Offers Meaty Treats

Offering three kinds of meat and ten different flavors, the Bryant family is conquering the jerky business one farmers market at a time. Mom Brandi Bryant says the business started at home when her husband began making jerky. She jumped in to help and they started selling it to friends and family. “It just blew […]

A Little Sno with Your Streusel?

A consistent presence at Westchase District Farmers Market since 2014, Julia Puig Jordan has delighted customers with her authentic European pastries, jams and salad dressings. “My blueberry streusel and German melting cookies are my most popular pastries,” she said. “While berry medley and peach brandy are my top selling flavors of jam. The dressings can […]


Spray More. Swat Less. Smell Good.

Along the bayous of Houston lurk animals that kill more humans each year than any others. Forget about gators and snakes, more than 750,000 people die each year worldwide because of mosquitoes. And with the deadly mosquito-borne Zika virus on the rise, the need to protect oneself has never been greater. But DEET-based pesticide products, […]

Barbecue: Salt, Pepper, Smoke and Patience

Sometimes the right birthday gift can change your life. In December 2014, Mustafa Ali’s sister and dad bought him a barbecue smoker grill and the young accountant began cooking briskets. “I grew up in the kitchen with my family and so when I started barbecuing meats, something just clicked and I knew I had to […]

Winging It with Atkinson Farms

Mike Atkinson farms from his hip and his head   Nestled between a residential subdivision and apartments under construction in Spring, TX sits Atkinson Farms, a fourth-generation business run by Mike Atkinson. One of Westchase District Farmers Market’s inaugural vendors, the farm provides more than 45 varieties of fruits and vegetables to the market throughout […]


Come Experiment with Mad Scientist Kombucha

New tea vendor mixes science with sweet flavors As a frequent customer to Houston farmers markets, molecular biologist Heather Williams fell in love with kombucha, a probiotic tea brewed with a culture of bacteria and yeast useful to the human body.  “It’s a functional beverage,” she said. “In many cultures kombucha is used to treat […]